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What is a Yumberry?
Actually there is no such fruit as a "Yumberry" and it is instead the trade name and brand for our range of fruit juices and juice drinks. Currently this brand only contains drinks made from the fruit yang-mei but we hope to be expanding the range very soon.

OK - so what then is a "yang-mei"?
Yang mei is a wonderful little fruit from China - it is a soft red fruit with a small stone that grows on tall trees on the mountainsides South of Shanghai. Archaeological records show that it has been consumed in China for over 5,000 years now and it has been written about in Chinese folk stories and poetry for thousands of years.

Is it sustainable then?
It has been sustained for 5,000 years now and we don't see any reason why this shouldn't continue for another 5,000! The trees themselves have a nitrogen fixing bacteria associated with their root system and this means that they can grow on relatively shallow, infertile soil. This has made them the ideal choice for growing in the family farms that operate in this area and the total tonnage grown each year is 450,000 tonnes. They are wind pollinated with a single male tree capable of pollinating the whole of one mountainside.

...and organic?
Yes - water from this particular region feeds many streams which in turn feed the reservoirs of big cities such as Hangzhou. It has not therefore been possible to use pesticides in this region and fruit grown there has now achieved the highest grade of organic status in the USA. It is now also fully certified by the Soil Association in the UK.

So what does it do for me?
The aim of Yumberry is to give people a pleasurable drinking experience. We want the juice to taste as close to the yang-mei fruit as possible. We are happy if this can be combined with some "nice bits" that are in the fruit. One of its major benefits is that it hydrates and refreshes us, another is that it gives us energy (our 100% juice has just 100 calories per bottle) but there are lots of other nice things in there. There are vitamins and other micronutrients such as ellagic acid, quercetin and myricetin

So is it better than other fruits?
It is good to consume as much fruit as you can and in general terms all fruits are good for you. Of course it is best to eat as much fresh fruit as possible but this is a great way of consuming some of your red fruit goodness for the day. The beauty of Yumberry yang-mei juice is that in our full juice you get 100% yang-mei with nothing else added and in our 50% juice drink you get 50% yang-mei with just some added water and fructose to make it a longer drink.

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